2D (set)4G4G's Merge and Boost Tutorial Cube
4G's Sellout ShopA Bald EggA Beanie
A Cheap Plastik AmuletA Comically Oversized Minute-HandA Crappy Tutu
A Crumpled NoteA Giant AppleA Giant Bazooka
A Giant SeedA Mysterious Purple LiquidA Number
A Power PillA Pretty Pink BowA Priceless Van-Gogh Painting
A Regular TieA Scrap of PaperA Shrunken Voodoo Doll
A Small GerbilA StickA Triangle
A Worn Out FedoraA busted copy of Wandoos 98A busted copy of Wandoos XL
AchievementsAdvanced TrainingAdventure Mode
Adventure Mode EquipmentAlarm ClockAmulet of Sunshine, Sparkles and Gore
An Infinitely Long Strand of Beard HairAn Ordinary CalculatorAnime Figurine
Arbitrary PointsArmpit (set)Ascended Ascended Ascended Pendant
Ascended Ascended Forest PendantAscended Forest PendantAscended x4 Pendant
Ascended x5 PendantAttackAugmentations
Awakening The Beast (WARNING: SPOILERS)BOTH Edgy BootsBadly Drawn (set)
Badly Drawn ChestBadly Drawn FootBadly Drawn Gun
Badly Drawn PantsBadly Drawn Smiley FaceBeam Laser Sword
Bearded AxeBeards Of PowerBeardverse (set)
Blood MagicBloody CleaverBlue Cheese Helmet
Blue Heart (set)BoostBoss Fights
Braided Beard LegsBroken Time MachineBrown Heart (set)
Build Advance TrainingBuild Arbitrary PointsBuild Augment Speed
Build Beard SpeedBuild CookingBuild Drop Chance
Build EXPBuild Energy BarsBuild Energy Cap
Build Energy PowerBuild Energy SpeedBuild Gold Drop
Build HP RegenBuild HistoryBuild Magic Bars
Build Magic CapBuild Magic PowerBuild Magic Speed
Build Max HPBuild Move CooldownBuild NGU Speed
Build PowerBuild RespawnBuild Seed Drop
Build ToughnessBuild Wandoos SpeedBuilds
Calculator:Skill calculators/TemplateCave (set)Challenges
Cheddar AmuletChef's ApronChef's Hat
Choco (set)Chocolate BootsChocolate Chest
Chocolate CrowbarChocolate HelmetChocolate Pants
Circle HelmetClock (set)Clockwork Boots
Clockwork ChestClockwork HatClockwork Pants
Cloth BootsCloth HatCloth Leggings
Cloth ShirtClown HatCombat Cheese
Cracked AmuletCrappy BootsCrappy Chestplate
Crappy HelmetCrappy LeggingsCursed Ring
Daily SpinDefenseDiscord
Documentation for contributorsDorky GlassesDragon Wings
Edgy ChestEdgy HelmetEdgy Jaw Axe
Edgy PantsEmperor LootyEnergy
Energy Bar BarEnergy Bar Bar (Accessory)Experience
Fabulous Super ChestFanny PackFlubber (set)
Forest (set)Forest BootsForest Chestplate
Forest HelmetForest LeggingsForest Pendant
Frequently Asked QuestionsFuzzy Orange Cheeto Slippers!GRB (set)
Gaudy (set)Gaudy BootsGaudy Hat
Gaudy PantsGaudy ShirtGeneric Paperweight
Ghostly ChestGiant Sticky FootGold Diggers
Gordon Ramsay BoltonGossamer ChestGouda Chestplate
Grand Corrupted TreeGreasy NerdGreen Heart (set)
Gross RingGroucho Marx DisguiseHSB (set)
Havarti RingHigh Heeled BootsITOPOD
Infinity CubeItem DaycareItem List
Item data Energy Bar Bar (Accessory)Items by categoryJake (set)
King Circle's Amulet of Helping Random StuffKing LootyKokiri Blade
Left Edgy BootLimburger BootsLooty McLootFace
MacGuffin FragmentsMagicMagic Bar Bar
Magic Bar Bar (Accessory)Magitech AmuletMagitech Blade
Magitech BootsMagitech ChestplateMagitech Helmet
Magitech LeggingsMagitech RingMega (set)
Mega Blue JeansMega BootsMega Chest
Mega HelmetMole HammerMoney Pit
Mossy RingMy Blue HeartMy Brown Heart
My Green HeartMy Red HeartMy Yellow Heart
Mysterious Red LiquidNGUNGU Idle Wiki
NUMBERNerdy ShoesNew Player Guide (Truth)
No PantsNon Slip ShoesNot Sweat-Stained Underpants
Number (set)Office HatOffice Pants
Office ShirtOffice ShoesPants of Horror
Paper FanPerk PointsPerks
Pissed Off KeyPissed Off Key (set)Polygon Boots
PoopPower BoostPretty Pink Princess set
Pretty Pink SlippersRaw Slab of MeatRebirths
Rectangle PantsRed Heart (set)Red Meeple Thingy
Regular PantsRight Edgy BootRing of Apathy
Ring of GreedRing of MightRing of Utility
Ring of Way Too Much EnergyRing of Way Too Much MagicRusty Sword
S'rerednaW (set)Scrap of Paper (set)Secrets and Spoilers
Sewers (set)Sir Looty McLootington III, EsquireSkills
Slimy (set)Slimy BootsSlimy Chest
Slimy HelmetSlimy PantsSpectral Boots
Spooky SwordSpoopy (set)Spoopy Helmet
Square ChestpieceStaplerStealth (set)
Stealthy ChestStealthy HatStnaP s'rerednaW
StooB s'rerednaWSuperior Japanese KatanaSuspicious Sausage Necklace
Sweat-Stained NGU ShirtSwiss LeggingsTHE CUBE
TaH s'rerednaWTabview energyTabview magic
Tabview specialTabview statsThe Candy Cane of Destiny
The D20The D8The Final Clue!
The First ClueThe Fists of FlubberThe Lonely Flubber
The Pen-IsThe Sands of TimeThe Second Clue
The Stealthiest ArmourThe Third ClueThe Triple Flubber
Tips N' TricksTitansTraining
Training (set)Training SkillsTraining and Advanced training
TsehC s'rerednaWTutorial Cube (set)UUG's 'Special' Ring
UUG's Armpit HairUUG's rings (set)Wanderer's (set)
Wanderer's BootsWanderer's CaneWanderer's Chest
Wanderer's HatWanderer's PantsWandoos (set)
Wandoos 98Wandoos XL (set)Yellow Heart (set)